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After-effects can be crying in sadness, hunger , chronic migraines, and unconsciousness. When my rage set in, everyone left the room. I broke the Rottweiler's ribs in a burst of seething rage.

What you get from reading bad definitions on Urban Dictionary over and over again confirming the fact that the world is actually, just as you always suspected - that being, full of idiotic hicks who cannot for the life of them spell, respect other races, respect women or much else. If only they would all go shoot themselves and make this world a better and smarter place.

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In the Name (Official Video)

The only people who are worse are the people who give them the thumbs up. These people should be detained in a unit for the clinically ill.

If I had a buck for every bad definition that got published on Urban Dictionary, I would be a millionaire. I've been sober for the past week friend: Yeah bro! RAGE is the word for partying at your hardest. You are likely to be very inebriated, and may fall on your face even while innocently walking back to your bed. E stands for Rowdy Alcoholics Getting in Ebriated. We rage harder than Rebecca Black going to school on a Friday morning Alan Sonk Foisted Frickle Frackle This is the place to go do that. Definitely going back and recommend it for others to try!

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Thanks again, Rage Room! So I didn't picture myself as someone who would actually enjoy breaking things - boy was I wrong. This was so much fun!

I think everyone could benefit from a smash session at the Rage Room. First Name. Book Now.

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So What Is Rage Room? You can choose the theme to which means you can finally: Let out your office frustration in a work-like setting Really showcase your pent-up anger from washing dishes in a kitchen Even finally destroy the living room you wish you never had. Corporate Team Building Events Our corporate events packages include a variety of activities for you and your coworkers to participate in.

Date Night Those who smash together stay together!