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This point is especially important if you decide to contact local precinct or file a complaint in court. In this case, quantity matters. The more people share your opinion, the more chances to win you have. This is probably one of the simplest ways to buy your neighbor out or put a stop to his or her annoying behavior. In some cases, a manager of the association could talk to a noise-making neighbor and fine them if a simple warning appears to be not enough.

Chances are good this step would solve the problem at least to a certain extent. There are ordinances to prohibit unnecessary, unreasonable, and excessive levels of noise meant to protect you from being a victim of noise-makers.

2. Change Your Curtains

Common Examples: Psychos, sneaky stealers, garbage collectors, criminals making their bad business right in front of your home. Another option you have is to write a petition together with other neighbors. Have your petition signed by as many residents as possible and state a very specific grievance and desired outcome. Once done, present it to the landlord or HOA. In case your complaint is legitimate , the problem will be fixed relatively soon. In some cases, the best decision is to move to another neighborhood. Not even to mention the situations when living by a nasty neighbor is not only annoying but also dangerous.

In some cases, neighbors might be the real nightmare next door. If it happens, the most common and most natural reaction in people is to arrange a bad neighbors revenge, find out how to get even with bad neighbors or even how to get them to move.

Feng Shui Cures to Deal With Bad Neighbors

But no matter what happens, remember that conflicts are best resolved through negotiations, not wars. Talk to your neighbors, tell them what bothers you, and propose a solution. I told them the street lite was where the property ended. Then they mounded up six feetof addedsoil to their yard and. Built a in ground pool with no 10 ft setback THEY poisoned all the pine and mature trees on my lot a D made all the leaves come down too early in the season also they put propane torches all around thepool sometimes.

They shot a bullet threw my car window July Of my white vinyl could no ,longer be power washed for all the yrs of gas torches and fire pit burning they did. They have been in forclosure for the last 3yrs. Three yrs ago they started playing annoying tapes from their screened. In porch not music gunshots airraid noises. Banging metal sounds. If you call police and they see the car they stop.

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I called the assoc here manytimes. Also they cut up my hoses on both sides of the house because they cidntwantme using waterwhi. E they were trying to torch my house THEY AND 2 OF their friends in the nice middle-class neighborhood with value of houses have helped them by shooting guns randomly.

Each tribe had to plant a whole new Lawn. I have neighbors that have moved across the road, we all have acreage. He is a fowl mouth loose cannon who is obscessed with a piece of road that is easment on my corner. He and his wife are total a-holes. They have created a lot of disruption in our small community of only 10 houses. I want to do something legally to piss them off and annoy them. They are a yound snotty couple. I need lots of suggestions. We planted more privacy trees to block them out and I know he was really mad. Any suggestions.

They think the rules we have an HOA are for everyone else but them. Our roads are granite rock and after they built there house they were required to fix the road and they refuse to do so. I am a director along with 2 others and we are in the process of sending them an attorney letter about repairing the road.

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  6. The answer is no - not without telling the buyers first. One of our cases involved a genuinely crazy neighbor engaged in guerrilla warfare with our client who wanted to sell his home in Cupertino. Here's the story, and here's what we did to advise future buyers of the problem.

    Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors

    The middle-aged couple next door to our client owned five dogs - big dogs - who had the run of the fenced back yard. Apparently these people believed in the value of creating a compost heap, because they never, ever cleaned up after their animals. The smell was, to say the least, pungent. Our client tried twice to talk to his neighbors about the odor problem.

    The dog owner responded by threatening to spray the client's yard with sheep dip, saying that then he'd "find out what bad really smells like.

    The dogs barked late at night and early in the morning. Our client never complained to authorities and never reported the neighbor for having more dogs than permitted by city ordinance.

    How To Deal With Bad Neighbours - Studio 10

    He did complain to the neighbor after one of the dogs, running loose through the neighborhood, bit his wife and another woman. He assured the neighbor he was not interested in pressing charges but asked the neighbor to provide proof that his dogs were licensed and their rabies shots were current. He got a torrent of profanity in reply. The neighbor denied that his dogs had been out of the yard and then accused our client's wife of hosing the fence down every morning at , just to antagonize his pets!

    Well, she did water her flowers at 7 a. They barked enough already without that inducement. The neighbor bragged to our client that he had a lawyer on retainer and was eager to spend some of that money.

    A Passive Aggressive Bad Neighbor

    Our client retorted that he just might have to do that if they couldn't discuss the situation. Our client retreated inside his home. A little later, the power went off. The neighbor had used a high-pressure hose on the control panel, trying to blow the main circuit. Shortly thereafter, the neighbor started throwing rocks at our client's home. That was the last straw.

    Neighbors can be bothersome because of loud noises loud pets or children, especially above you; vacuuming at midnight; practicing guitar at 6 AM. They might bother you because they are gossips and you never feel safe or secure in your apartment, worried about what they'll say or do if you reveal, or they discover, your personal business.

    7 Bad Neighbors to Avoid When Buying a Home

    All of these personality types are toxic to be around, and if you're in a Manhattan apartment, real estate is far too valuable to just pick up and move because you don't like the neighbors. Here are five ways to use Feng Shui to minimize the effects of bad neighbors and keep their negativity from blocking your own success and goals.

    Hang a mirror If the neighbor across from you is creating problems, hang a ba gua mirror above your door to dilute the negative energy. Wind chimes A wind chime with 5 hollow metal tubes, which produces a crisp, clear, pleasing sound, will deflect negative energy if your neighbor lives to the right of your front door when you are standing at the door looking out. A lush plant Place or hang a planter between your door and your neighbor's door if your troublesome neighbor lives to the left of you. Keep in mind that it is not always advisable to put something in direct line of the front door to the street as you want all of the positive energy and opportunities to be able to come to you so be careful on this placement.

    Share your own happiness.