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Valentine's Day | Fictional Love Stories

I will always love you, dear Clarisonic. I have been in love with travel for as long as I can remember. Was it the first time I wondered around a new city alone?

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Or when I boarded a plane for the first time? Or when I was sailing on the Nile River? Maybe it was laying on a beach in Greece.

They Took My Guts

It snuck up on me and I am now smitten. I think about it all the time. I plot and plan and save.

3 Creepypasta Love Stories - Valentine's Day Special

I fantasize about the next time we will meet. One of my true loves as a fashion blogger is shoes. I typically choose shoes over just about anything else I purchase. Every bone in my body believes that to be true. Jake and I met at an ugly sweater Christmas party.

A Valentine’s Day Love Story

I had just bleached all my hair platinum blonde but it was still super yellow and I had a serious mullet! I mean a serious mullet—very short on the sides and long in the back.

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Looking back, I am still so surprised Jake approached me at the party. We danced a little, he got my number, and then I ran away chasing after other boys. Jake and I actually never ended up hanging out until we ran into each other three years later. It was just super long and down to my buns.

15 Real-Life Romantic Stories That Top "The Notebook"

Got a love story you want to tell? My suitors all promise to love ALL of me, even my neglected features. I collect on-going promises to take care of my infrastructure, make me feel connected, and even to buy me Burger King each Monday morning, while sweeping away my fluff.

But no other suitor speaks about his love for me like you. You want to make me feel even more pretty by giving me green rooftops and green curbsides and parklets that will enhance my world with renewable energy and keep me safe in storms.

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You want to romance me in the sky with aerial gondolas, rather than promising to suit yourself up and fill my asphalt blemishes with more asphalt. You love all of my features, from top to bottom, east to west, and you speak of them with kindness and future focus, rather than pointing out the neglect.

You speak to our future together with great vision and heart, and I want you to know that this does not go unnoticed. As I watch my choices, some of whom have been in my circle for many years, I want you to know that you have been an unexpected, delightful change. Until then, I sincerely hope that you continue to pursue me and fight for me with the gallant spirit that is shining through the lineup of those who have the expected pedigrees touting the expected promises.

I see you.