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Patheos, Fr. Matthew P. Where can we look for how to act?

May I suggest St. Thomas More. Aleteia, Larry Peterson: The oldest of four children, Veronica Antal was born December 7, , in the town of Botesti located in the northeastern part of Romania. So great was this saint that Brother Francis used to say that she won from God years for the continuation of the Christian empire in the East before the Moslems took over Constantinople in Catholic Exchange, K.

Cyril of Jerusalem: March 18, D St. Damasus: December 11, St. Damian: September 27, St. David: March 1, St. Delphinus: December 24, St. Didacus: November 14, St. Dionysia: May 15, St. Dionysius and his Companions: October 9, St. Dominic: August 4, Sts. Donatian and Rogatian: May 24, St.

Edmund of Canterbury: November 16, St. Eleutherius: September 6, St. Eligius: December 1, St. Elizabeth of Hungary: November 19, St. Elizabeth of Portugal: July 8, St. Elphege: April 19, St. Emiliana: December 24, St. Encratis: April 16, St. Ephrem: July 9, St. Epiphanius: May 12, St. Etheldreda: June 23, St. Eubulus: March 5, St. Eucherius: February 20, 94 St.

Eugenius: July 13, St. Eulalia: December 10, St.

Lives of the Saints

Eulogius: March 11, St. Eulogius, Patriarch: September 13, St. Euphrasia: March 13, St. Eusebius: August 14, St. Eusebius, Bishop: December 16, St. Eustachius and his Companions: September 20, St. Faustinus and Jovita: February 15, 87 St. Felicianus: June 9, St. Felicitas and her Seven Sons: July 10, St.

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Felix I: May 30, St. Felix of Valois: November 20, St. Fiaker: August 30, St. Fidelis: April 24, St. Finbarr: September 25, St. Finian: December 12, St. Firmin: September 25, St. Frances of Rome: March 9, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini: December 22, St. Francis of Assisi: October 4, St. Francis Borgia: October 10, St.

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Francis Caracciolo: June 4, St. Francis of Paula: April 2, St. Francis de Sales: January 29, 59 St. Francis Solano: July 24, St. Francis Xavier: December 3, St. Frumentius: October 27, St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother: February 27, St. Gal, Bishop: July 1, St. Gall, Abbot: October 16, St.

Gatian: December 18, St. Genevieve: January 3, 26 St. George: April 23, St. Gerard: October 3, St.

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  • Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre: July 30, St. Germanus, Bishop of Paris: May 28, St. Gertrude: November 15, St. Giles: September 1, St. Goar: July 6, St. Gontran: March 28, St. Gregory the Great: March 12, St. Gregory, Bishop: January 4, 28 St. Gregory Nazianzen: May 9, St. Gregory Thaumaturgus: November 17, St. Hedwige: October 17, St. Hegesippus: April 7, St. Helena: August 18, St. Heliodorus: July 3, St. Henry: July 15, Bl.

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    Herman Joseph of Steinfeld: April 7, St. Hermenegild: April 13, St. Hilarion: October 22, St. Hilary of Poitiers: January 14, 40 St. Honoratus: January 16, 43 St. Hospitius: May 21, St.

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    Hubert: November 3, St. Hugh: April 1, St. Hugh of Cluny: April 29, St. Ignatius, Martyr: February 1, 66 St. Ignatius of Loyola: July 31, St. Irenaeus: June 28, St. Isaac Jogues and Companions: September 26, St. Ischyrion: December 22, St. Isidore: April 4, J St. James Apostle: July 25, St. James, Bishop: July 11, St. Jane Frances de Chantal: August 21, St. Jane of Valois: February 4, 70 St.

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